Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer

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The Sticky Brick Junior is an American flame-powered and portable vaporizer that works with a torch lighter (supplied) in a simple and very intuitive way. The company manufactures the wooden parts and glass components of the Junior vaporizer by hand in its workshop in North Carolina, USA. 

Entirely made of natural components like wood and glass, the flavours are pure and pleasant and the vapour inhalations can be thick or light according to your desire. A hole on the side allows to release the draft of the air. The glass mouthpiece and the air inlet help keep the terpenes of your herbs intact.

This portable vaporizer is available in various fine woods. Very elegant and discreet, the Sticky Brick allows for the finest convection vaporization of your favourite herbs.

Technical characteristics of the Sticky Brick Junior vaporizer:

  • Heats on demand during inhalation.
  • Vapour is cooled immediately.
  • 100% vapour passage.
  • Very easy to transport, the closure is held by very strong magnets.
  • Large and small slats possible.
  • Compatible with plants and resins.
  • Capacity of the bowl about 0.2 grams max.

Dimensions of the Sticky Brick Lab Junior vaporizer:

  • 8*3*12cm
  • Weight: 190 grams.

Available in maple wood version.

Comes with a torch lighter without gas.