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The OONT is a small, handy vaporizer from XMAX® for herbs and concentrates. With the OONT you can vape very discreetly because it fits in your pocket. The mouthpiece is made of glass for a more genuine taste. The glass part as well as the heating chamber can be completely removed, making cleaning extremely easy.

The features of the OONT convection vaporizer:

✔️ fixed 1,500mAh lithium-ion battery

✔️ Temperature adjustable in steps in the range 180° - 220° C (356° - 428° F)

✔️ USB-C charging port

✔️ insulated & enlargeable airway

✔️ innovative cooling

✔️ LED display

✔️ Heating time approx. 20 seconds

✔️ Vibration feedback

✔️ automatic Switch-off after 3 or 5 minutes can be selected

✔️ USB-C charging port

✔️ Extensive accessories including capsule for concentrates

Another interesting thing about this compact vaporizer is that you can move the heating chamber and thus change its volume. The permanently integrated battery lasts for approx. 3 sessions, each lasting 5 minutes.

You can also limit the session duration to 3 minutes. The easy operation and cleaning as well as the good steam development result in a convincing overall performance. An optimal vaporizer for vape beginners.

Scope of delivery: 

1 x XMAX® OONT vaporizer including 1,500 mAh battery
1pc USB-C cable
2 pcs sieves for the chamber
1 piece wax cup
1 piece sealing ring for the mouthpiece
1 piece cleaning brush
1 piece filling tool
3pcs cotton swabs
4pcs alcohol pads

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